Lois Svard

150 Years of the Avant-garde

– a concert series that I first created and performed in 1999. Although we often speak of the “standard” repertoire as opposed to new music, the avant-garde has always been present, and I wanted to celebrate radical ideas in piano music from Franz Liszt in the 1850s to György Ligeti and Annea Lockwood in the 1990s.

*  written for Lois Svard


Modest Mussorgsky
from Pictures at an Exhibition (1874)
Erik Satie
Gymnopédie No. 1 (1888), Gnossienne No. 2 (1890)
Alexander Scriabin
Sonata No. 5, Op. 53 (1907)
Igor Stravinsky
Four Etudes, Op. 7 (1908)
Franz Liszt
La Lugubre Gondola, No. 1 (1882)
Bagatelle sans tonalité (1885)
Franz Liszt
Sonata in B minor (1853)


Béla Bartók
Three Dances in Bulgarian Rhythm
Musiques Nocturnes (from Out of Doors, 1926)
Allegro Barbaro (1911)
Ruth Crawford
Prelude No. 5 (1925), Study in Mixed Accents (1930)
Claude Debussy
Voiles (1909)
La sérénade interrompue (1910)
La Puerta del Vino (1912)
Feux d’Artifice (1913)
Erik Satie
Sports et Divertissements (1914)
Henry Cowell
The Banshee (1925)
Aeolian Harp (1923)
The Tides of Manaunaun (1912)
Exultation (1919)
George Antheil
Sonata No. 2, “The Airplane” (1922), Fireworks (1919)
George Gershwin
Preludes for Piano (1926)


John Cage
Bacchanale for prepared piano (1940)
Stefan Wolpe
Tango (1927)
Igor Stravinsky
Tango (1940)
Jackson Hill
Tango No Tango (1984)
Olivier Messiaen
from Vingt regards sur l’Enfant-Jésus (1944)
Le baiser de l’Enfant-Jésus
Regard de l’Esprit de joie
Mario Davidovsky
Synchronisms No. 6 for piano and electronic tape (1970)
Charles Ives
Three Quarter-Tone Pieces for two pianos (1913-14;1923-24)
Steve Reich
Piano Phase for two pianos (1967)


Frederic Rzewski
Down by the Riverside (from North American Ballads, 1979)
Ben Johnston
Suite for Microtonal Piano (1977)
Alvin Lucier
Music for Piano with Magnetic Strings (1995)*
Gyorgy Ligeti
Etudes 1 – 9 (1985-89)
George Crumb
Five Pieces for Piano (1962)
Annea Lockwood
Ear-Walking Woman for prepared piano (1996)*
Elodie Lauten
Variations on the Orange Cycle (1991-95)*